Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Mophilly Technology, Inc., is located in San Diego, California, one of the new hot beds of software technology development. Mark Phillips, creator of Pops and President of Mophilly, has family roots in Oklahoma. His grandmother, a Cherokee educated at the Cherokee Female Seminary, had her home and “allotment” land in Chelsea. Relatives live in Tulsa, Oolagah, and Stillwater and points in between.

Why is your software called “Pops”?
W. G. Pops Phillips portrait

W. G. “Pops” Phillips

Back in 1902, our forefather W. G. Phillips moved to the Cherokee Nation, now called Oklahoma, exploring for oil and drilling wells. As the industry began to take shape, his focus turned from exploration to managing mineral, oil and gas assets as investments. Over time, Pops, as we called him, developed a sophisticated system for tracking and managing mineral, oil and gas royalty income producing property, including fee land and severed interest. From his successful ventures comes the Pops Royalty Software product.

Do I use Pops via the internet or on my own computer?

Pops uses the internet for sharing information with your team or family in the Enterprise edition as well as getting updates and upgrades. It is an “internet savvy” desktop application that does not rely on browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari to operate.

How do I install Pops?

Download the installer program from the internet onto your desktop, then double click it to install. Once Pops is installed you do not need to be connected to the internet to use the program. If you don’t have reliable internet, we can mail the installer program to you.

What operating system does Pops run on?

Pops OS flavors -desatur

Pops is compatible with modern Windows/PC and Mac OS X/Apple computers. A Linux version is available upon request. It requires a minimum of 2GB RAM, at least 200 MB of free disk space. The disk space required increases as you store more documents.

Pops is $895 per seat. What does that mean?

By “seat” we mean a single installation on one computer. If you wish to access Pops from an additional computer, that would count as one more seat. We offer an “enterprise” edition that allows multiple users to share data and documents. Please call for details on the enterprise edition.

What if I need more than one seat?

The Enterprise edition provides shared data and digital documents for two or more computers. The cost is $895.00 per installation. There is a monthly fee for database hosting and document storage. Price starts at $100 per month for the first 10GB of space. Additional 10GB blocks of space are available for $50 per month. Our hosting service offers better than 99.99% “uptime” and employs sophisticated disaster recovery techniques to provide the highest level of data protection.

I have my own database hosting? Can I use that instead?

There are technical and legal considerations that require a service level agreement tailored to your needs, as well as certain burdens on you and your staff. Please call the office to explore this option.

Can you come to my house to help me install or use Pops?

Airplane PNGYes, we are happy to, but in many cases we can resolve the issue without travel. We use modern technology to access your computer, with your permission, to see exactly what you see. It is like we are sitting there with you sharing a cup of coffee or tea. On-site visits can be arranged when necessary. An on-site visit costs $1,800 per day, plus travel expenses, and requires advance notice for scheduling.

What if a new version of Pops comes out? Do I have to pay again to get the most current version?

All purchasers receive one year of support, which includes the latest version of Pops and updates distributed free of charge. You can purchase a software assurance plan to receive all upgrades with new features as well as updates for fault corrections.

Can Pops take what I already have in Excel so I don’t have to retype all this information?

Yes. For a limited time, we will import your existing data for you as part of the purchase price. An import tool will be included in a future release.

Money-BagWhat’s the average royalty income of the users?

We don’t track that information and we wouldn’t release it if we did. Pops does not have a limit on the number of well entries, making it suitable for small family trusts and professional asset management companies alike.

I travel a lot for business and want to be able to pull up my wells on my iPad or my phone. Can it do that?

No, not at this time. We are designing a mobile product and would be delighted to talk with you about your specific needs. As an aside, the Windows Surface tablet can run Pops.

Can you import data from other systems, for example from “Wolf Pack”?

We can import from any source and export to any source. We need only the export format and sample data to verify the proper operation. In some cases, the other vendor may not allow access nor offer an export feature. If that is your situation then please call us. There may be ways to harvest your data without violating license and/or copyrights.

I use another program called “rough neck”, how does Pops compare to that?

Rough Neck provides services and tools for the operators and investors in field operations. Pops is focused on the asset owner and manager. As such, the two products are cooperative rather than competitive.

Does Pops have any ties with National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO)?

Mark Phillips, creator of Pops and President of Mophilly, is a royalty owner and a member of NARO. The Pops team also attends NARO conferences as an exhibitor from time to time. Members of NARO are eligible for special offers from Pops.

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