• Quickly locate active leases and division orders.
  • Prepare income and expense reports organized for tax filing.
  • Scan and save checks and other documents.
  • Print summary reports of oil/gas/mineral revenues by revenue type, state, company, month and more.

  • Runs on Apple Mac OS X and Windows 7, with Linux available upon request
  • Easy entry of leases, division orders and unit agreements
  • Book royalty payments by well, county and state
  • Quick, automatic linking of leases, division orders and payments
  • Highly detailed reports for your tax preparer and business analyst
  • Support for a single user and multiple concurrent users

Fast searches for property

  • Held by lease | Held by production | Available for lease

Pops Flow Chart and Features


The world is changing and we are too.

  • Electronic “hands free” input of run statement data
  • Export formats for Quicken, QuickBooks and Connected Accounting
  • Support for mobile devices like the iPad


Right now our effort is focused on adding “Cloud*” capabilities. Having Pops Royalty Software run on the Cloud means that your iPad, laptop and mobile phone will have access via an internet connection. This would be really valuable for the active Landman who are often out in the field.

*Cloud computing is a new way of providing computing power on demand. The “cloud” is really a bunch of “servers”, machines that process data. These are together in a “farm”, where each machine can share a portion of the computing work as needed. As requests for various data comes in, the “cloud” system assigns work to machines that have free processing time. The system also tracks how “processing time” you use and charges you only for time used. The older method was to rent a server, and the rent was the same even if you did not use it.

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